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— Multiplatform shooter, computer game first-person, Rust was initially created as a clone of DayZ, a popular mod for ARMA 2, with crafting elements akin to those in Minecraft. The objective of Rust is to survive in the wilderness using gathered or stolen materials. Players must successfully manage their hunger, thirst, and health, or risk dying.
Want to improve your skills in your favorite game Rust ? Choose powerful macros from the ALPHAS SCRIPTS™. Accurate spray, mega lot of killing, great help for your team guaranteed!
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What is the advantage of give the in-game macro Rust ? Macros completely full no recoil, scripts boost accuracy of weapons, macros make semi-automatic weapons fully automaticand prolong the life cycle of a mouse, eliminating frequent clicking LMB.


The game has a strong random spread in vertical and horizontal, with random failures of the recoil force on the vertical! Perfect shot in point or retention of the sight in a vise is not possible!


Written macros for Bloody, X7, Razer and all other mices. At present in the game for automatic weapons attachments.

Macro Bloody | Logitech| Razer| Any mouse

for sensitivity mouse in game 50%

Macro Razer only

for sensitivity mouse in game 0.3 up to 1.0
CONTROLS - basic:
Mouse sensitivity - 0.66
Invert the vertical viewing - No
The FOV at 90%

- ALL GUNS + All Attachtments

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